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The Settlement Process

For our clients, the life settlement process always begins with a zero-cost, zero-obligation consultation. Before we start the process, we always determine whether or not a life settlement is truly in a client’s best interests.

If the answer is yes, then our goals in helping the client are:

- To maximize the settlement offer
- To complete the process as quickly and efficiently as possible
- To ensure the client’s confidentiality

To meet these goals, our life settlement process is structured as follows:

- We collect the necessary information from the advisor and/or policy holder (No medical examination is required)
- Our in-house underwriting team reviews the insurance and medical information
- Multiple pricing models and options are then assessed by us
- The case is sent out to third-party underwriting
- We negotiate the best possible settlement amount by leveraging multiple funding sources in the market
- We present a non-binding offer to the policy holder
- If the offer is accepted, closing documents are sent to the advisor for completion by the seller
- We transfer the policy ownership to the new financial institution
- Funds are released from escrow to the seller

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