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When Should You Recommend Your Policyholder Get A Life Settlement?

As an insurance agent or financial advisor, knowing when you should recommend a life settlement for your policyholder matters. It is important for you to help guide your policyholders through the process of finding and choosing the right life insurance settlement for their specific needs.

At Accelerated Life Solutions, we work closely with insurance agents, financial advisors, and the like to not only help your policyholders enter the life settlements market but to also help your policyholders know if and when a life settlement is a right option for them.

Keep reading for advice and on when to recommend your policyholders consider getting a life settlement!

When to recommend your policyholders consider a life settlement

Many circumstances can come into play when it comes to reasons why your policyholders should look into life settlements. We will touch on quite a few in this post, but after reading this post, you will have a much better idea of the different situations that may call for getting a life settlement.

Here are just a few circumstances that might prompt you to recommend that your policyholder consider a life insurance settlement:

  • Policyholder cannot or does not want to continue paying their premium
  • Life insurance policy may be coming to the end of its term
  • Policyholder wants to live more comfortably once retired
  • Policyholder has sold or lost real estate and estate taxes no longer need to be covered  
  • Policyholder needs money immediately to cover costs of medical care, divorce, etc.
  • Policyholder no longer has his/her own business
  • Insurance no longer required by beneficiaries
  • Policy may have been used to secure loans that are now repaid
  • Corporate key executives may retire from the company
  • Tax relief provided by the policy may no longer be needed

Again, the reason listed above are just a few circumstances that can lead to your policyholders considering a life settlement for their life insurance policy. You should work closely with your policyholders to understand their specific circumstances and work toward the best options for them.

Why work with Accelerated Life Solutions to enter the life settlements market

Your policyholder may lose their life insurance policy altogether in the case of their policy lapsing, meaning they receive little to nothing in return for their years of premium payments. Life settlements provide a way to prevent this from happening.

When you work with Accelerated Life Solutions to help your policyholder enter the life settlements market, you are giving them the opportunity to make the most of an unneeded or unwanted life insurance policy. As life settlement experts, Accelerated Life Solutions helps professionals, like yourself, understand the intricate life settlement market. We can leverage the market competition to ensure that your policyholder gets the best price for their life settlement.

Contact us today so our team of life settlement experts can help you and your policyholder get the most from the life settlement market!



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